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2Ton/H Skid-Mounted Type Gas Steam Boiler Working In India.


The buyer is a food factory in India. At the beginning of the order, they consulted a number of boiler suppliers, but the boilers provided by other suppliers require customers to find a professional team for installation and commissioning. The customer said that they have enough space to place the boiler, so we recommend that the customer use a skid-mounted steam boiler. All boiler systems are integrated so that the customer does not need to consider installing the boiler after receiving the boiler. It can be used directly after connecting to water and electricity. . This can greatly reduce the workload of customers, and can also save customers a lot of installation costs and installation time. According to customer requirements, we started and tested the boiler before shipment. The equipment was running well, and the boiler running video was recorded to provide customers with operating instructions. After the customer received the boiler, he quickly started the boiler according to the video instructions, and the customer was very satisfied. At the same time, I also thank this buyer for giving us some suggestions based on his experience. I believe that our products will be more perfect to meet the needs of different customers.

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