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2Sets Of 2TON/H Gas Steam Boiler Are Working In Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


The old boiler purchased by this American customer from the American market has been in use for 8 years, but there are frequent water leakage problems, so he plans to buy a new boiler from China to replace the old boiler. After comparison, the customer finally chose to purchase the skid-mounted steam boiler produced by our company. In the United States, there are very strict standards for the use of pressure vessels, and the boilers produced by our company fully comply with local standards. Also, due to the user’s special working environment, the customer’s required an explosion-proof controller and GRUNDFOS pumps. After receiving the goods, the user just connects the boiler to water/ electric/ fuel. Comparing with the traditional boiler, a skid-mounted type boiler will save cost and time of installation/ commissioning. In order to ensure that the customer’s boiler can be used normally, in accordance with customer requirements, we sent an engineer to stay at the customer’s site for 1 month during which time he conducted the trial operation, operation training, and maintenance training for the customer. Both parties were very cooperative in their work, so now the customer’s boiler is currently operating in good condition. Our boiler has a complete system that is well mounted on the platform.

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