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2Ton/H Skid-Mounted Type Gas Steam Boiler Shipping To Greece.


The user uses the boiler for hospital disinfection, which is a project purchased by the Greek government and requires the boiler to comply with CE standards. Our company attaches great importance to this order. According to the plan, we need to complete the production and shipment within 20 days. For us, the time is very tight and the task is very heavy. In order to deliver the goods on time, we were divided into two work shifts. In the end, the production and trial operation was completed in only 15 days. This kind of delivery speed customers say is like a bullet. However, when we booked the space, we found that the freight had risen from the original 8,000 US dollars to 14,000 US dollars. In order to avoid affecting the customer’s timely receipt of the boiler, we decisively bear the rising ocean freight and deliver the goods in time. When the customer knows, he said that we have a lot of credit. Now their boiler is in normal operation, and the customer said that this boiler will be a pilot for more users to visit. I hope our boiler can help this hospital in Greece and save more lives.

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