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4tons/Hr Skid-Mounted Type Gas Boiler Is Working In Mexico.


There are many American boiler suppliers in Mexico. This is the first time he has invested in a garment factory, but his funds are limited, and the price of American brand boilers is too expensive. After comparison, customers think that our company’s products are cost-effective, so decisively chose our boiler. Comparing with the traditional boiler, TGBOILER brand skid-mounted gas boiler will finish all assembly before the shipment. After receiving the boiler, just connect it to water/ electricity/ fuel. This way will help the user save lots of cost and time in installation. Additionally, our boiler is equipped with a high-quality Italy BALTUR Burner, automatic SIMENS PLC control system, stainless high-pressure pumps, and interrelated devices for controlling water level and steam pressure; can totally ensure the boiler’s steady performance.

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