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1TON/H Skid-Mounted Type Gas Boiler WNS1-1.25-Y (Q) Working In UK.


This boiler is located in London, England. Its user is in the washing industry. Its production line requires steam for heating and drying. After communicating with the customer, he chose model WNS1-1.25-Y (Q), steam capacity 1000kg/h, working pressure 1.25Mpa. The entire system is a skid-mounted type. After receiving the boiler, the user does not need to do the installation, just connect the boiler to water/ electricity/ fuel. After receiving the boiler, we will make a video call via Skype, and our technicians will guide the customer through trial operation and operation training. At present, the boiler has been in normal use for 2 years, during which the user also Many new buyers were introduced to us, for which we are very grateful. Recently, this customer contacted us again, saying that he is planning to expand production in the near future and needs to purchase another boiler. This is good news for both the customer and our company. It is precise because we have high-quality products and efficient services that we can continue to attract new and old customers to continue to choose us. I hope we have the opportunity to take a look at this beautiful city of London.

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