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3000000Kcal/H Gas Heating Thermal Oil Boiler Shipping To Vietnam


The buyer is a manufacturer of medical rubber gloves in Vietnam. In view of the huge demand for medical products in the Vietnamese market, buyers are eager to add 6 new production lines to produce rubber gloves, requiring a total of 6 3000000kcal/h thermal oil boilers. We completed all production and delivered on time within 2 months. Since the heat transfer oil boiler is high-temperature pressure equipment, the customer invited our company to send engineers to Vietnam to guide the installation and trial operation to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. At present, all the boilers are operating normally. This project is very large. If you are also from Vietnam, you are cordially invited to visit this buyer’s factory, then you will be attracted by the quality of our products, but the premise is that we have to obtain the user’s consent in advance, after all, the user they produce medical supplies, and it is difficult for strangers to enter their production workshops. Recently, according to our understanding, the new crown virus epidemic in Vietnam has become serious again. We hope that our boiler can help this company to produce medical products better and faster. At the same time, let us pray that this country and people can smoothly overcome difficulties.

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