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Wood Treatment Machine

DN series timber treatment cylinder is widely used in timber anti-corrosion, ant-mildew, ant-termite, flame retardant, modified, dyeing, carbonizing, drying, timber boiling, etc. It adopts the full-cell method, high and low-frequency pressure method, double vacuum method to process the timber rods, wood logs, doors skin, with full automatic processing and steady performance. Also, for meeting different users’ requirements, our company can accept customized cylinder size and working pressure.

Product Application

Timber Anti-corrosion, Ant-mildew, Ant-termite, Flame-Retardant, Modified, Dyeing, Carbonizing, Drying


Reliable Quality Control: In manufacturing processes, we have to adopt steel strength test, automatic steel cutting/ plate rolling/ welding, 100% x-ray welding check, magnetic particle check c-scan ultrasonography check, fluorescent penetrating check, hydraulic (water) pressure test, boiler thermal efficiency test, etc. to make sure all finished products are qualified.

Latex Cushion Air-Pressure Door Seal: Instead of traditional rubber cushion mechanical-pressure door seal, our company adopting latex cushion air-pressure door seal. This way can avoid the problem of quick aging of ordinary rubber rings, also can increase the door sealing effects, greatly decrease the time and money waste in maintenance.

Complete Supply Scope: Our company supplies a complete system of timber treatment cylinder, also before the shipment, our company will finish the pipe connection and take photos/ videos/ assembly drawings. After receiving the goods, the user just needs to do the copied assembly accordingly. This will save the user’s time and cost in installation.

Convenient Operation: TAIGUO DN series timber treatment cylinder is an automatic operation on material pull in/ pull out, one-button feeding or discharging chemicals, one-button increasing pressure–discharge pressure–vacuuming. The convenient operation will reduce the labor intensity and labor cost, increase user’s benefits.


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