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Vertical Type Electric Steam Boiler

Steam Capacity: 50 to 500 KG/H
Boiler Power: 3 to 32 HP
Pressure: ≤10 BAR
Fuel: Electricity


Brief Introduction

LDR electric steam boiler is a small capacity boiler. It uses electricity as the heat source, with steady performance, zero pollution. In your countries, if your electricity is cheap or the local government has strict requirements on emission, or you just need a small steam capacity, then the LDR series boiler is the best choice.

Product Application

Textile, Garment, Food & Beverage, Chemical Industry, Cement Curing, Disinfection, etc.


High-Quality Control: In manufacturing processes, we have to adopt steel strength test, automatic steel cutting/ plate rolling/ welding, 100% x-ray welding check, magnetic particle check c-scan ultrasonography check, fluorescent penetrating check, hydraulic (water) pressure test, boiler thermal efficiency test, etc., to make sure all finished products are qualified.

Ceramic Heating Tubes: LDR series adopting high-quality ceramic heating tube. Comparing with traditional stainless steel heating tubes, the ceramic heating tube can efficiently avoid scale attaching, has higher thermal efficiency, quicker temperature raising, steady performance, also its average life span is more than 20000hours.

Automatic Operation: Color touch screen, Liquid crystal display (LCD), ON-OFF stepwise control system (English language), High-quality PLC controller (SIEMENS). Also, on the control cabinet, the user can choose the number of working heating tubes, this way can make sure the boiler works for different steam capacities.


Model LDR0.05 LDR0.07 LDR0.1 LDR0.14 LDR0.2 LDR0.3 LDR0.5
Capacity kg of steam per hour 50 70 100 150 200 300 500
HP 3.2 4.5 6.4 9.6 12.8 19 32
Electricity Consumption KW.H 36 54 72 108 144 216 360
Pressure Bar 7 7 7 7 7/10 7/10 7/10
Steam Temperature
Thermal Efficiency % ≥98
Control Method / PLC Automatic Stepwise Cut-In Control,
Adjustable working pressure
Dimension L mm 410 570 570 1190 1190 1400 2050
W mm 680 680 765 840 840 840 940
H mm 1190 1190 1290 1450 1600 1600 1600
Weight kg 180 200 250 280 300 400 580


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